marketing communication frequencyNow that we’re nearing 2015 it’s become more commonplace for all businesses to have some kind of a presence on social media. As you start to get involved with Facebook, Twitter, email marketing and other channels you may wonder, “how frequently should I be messaging my clients?’

First, it’s best to analyze your different means of communication. The three most basic forms of communication are: email marketing, social media messaging, and direct mail. Each one is very unique and each necessitates guidelines for making the most of your communication.

Email marketing is a marketing tactic that every business should be utilizing. Even if the majority of your business is one-off sales, there’s so much more to email marketing than selling or promoting. When you send an email you have the ability to educate and provide customer support, as well as promote discounts and ask for referrals. It’s generally recommended to limit your communication to 2-3 emails per month, but no less than once per month. This range keeps you relevant, but not too “in your face.” Of course, the messaging itself will play a role in your effectiveness, so you should mix this up. Keep an eye on your bounce rates, open rates and click rates for every campaign.

Social media messaging refers to the posts that you put out for friends and followers. These are less invasive than emails because they go into the client’s feed, not their inbox. I recommend that you try to post at least a few times a week, but not exceed 1-2 per day. Like email marketing, this is something you gradually want to build up to. Start with a couple a week and focus on building your audience. Now, if you have 100,000 or more fans then sure, you can send more messaging in a day, but even then I think it’s overkill. With that many fans or followers you’ll inevitably need to dedicate some time to responding to individual or private messages. This is often overlooked, but a huge part of your company’s customer support. Also, for maximum visibility, try to get¬†messaging posted on weekdays between 9am- 3pm (yes, people check their social networks at work). Of course, watch your reach and experiment with different times to see if one is working better for you than another.

Direct mail marketing is a much more expensive option than email or social media marketing.¬†Furthermore, how often do you get a postcard or piece of “junk mail” in your mailbox and immediately toss it? I’d recommend that you put some serious thought into your first campaign. Make sure you have a great offer, a nice design and a means to track sales or leads. You’ll also want to have a decent-sized list that you think would be receptive to your communication.

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