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Social media seems to be a big buzz word today, and for good reason. Almost everything on the Internet involves social media, meaning it can be shared, liked, viewed, or commented on. Bee Green will walk you through the essential steps to maximize your social media presence. That means getting set up on the appropriate social networks, producing high quality videos, and commenting on the appropriate industry blogs and forums.

Being effective with social media is about building brand awareness, engaging customers, and building buzz. If used properly you can even gain valuable market research from you own customer base.

Video is not a new medium, but one that remains important for every business. Videos that highlight your products and expertise are great, as are those that educate. However, videos that your raving fans create about your business take you to the next level. That’s where Bee Green can help to turn customers into raving fans.



To learn more about getting established on social media and with video please leave us a message here.


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